Nationwide Construction Ā Consulting Services

Since 2005, our construction consulting division has been dedicated to lowering your projectā€™s overall cost and ensuring you meet your deadlines.

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Strategic Consulting Services

Our consulting division provides a wide variety of services custom designed to your needs. Our services include: roof inspections, interior inspections, elevation findings, full-reports, estimates and comparative pricing.

Within the consulting division, our weather department expertly tracks storms and verifies wind & hail events for your location.

Since our launch, we have expanded our consulting area to include Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Arkansas, South Carolina, Colorado, Indiana, Utah and Texas.Ā 

Client Portfolio

At Boyd, we are incredibly proud of the work weā€™ve done for our past clients.

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A Half Century
Of Ā Construction Experience

After five decades of working in construction, we realized we had a wealth of knowledge we could use to consult with clients to help get their projects done on-time & on-budget.Ā 

Our construction consulting experts are committed to providing high-quality work. We do this by solving and simplifying complex problems to help our clients build things or resolve issues with peace of mind.Ā 

Construction Consulting Services

Within a rapidly evolving construction industry, Boyd Bone Dry offers project and construction management experts that help navigate the complexities of your next project.

6 Reasons to Hire a Construction Consultant

Hereā€™s why choosing a trustworthy consultant is a sure-fire way to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Industry KnowledgeĀ 

Construction consultants bring a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge to the table, providing hard-earned insights and guidance throughout the project.Ā 

Risk MitigationĀ 

Projects come with inherent risks. Consultants help mitigate risks by implementing risk management strategies and ensuring compliance with regulations.Ā 

Project Management

Consultants assist in coordinating activities, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring effective communication at the job site.Ā 

Cost & Time SavingsĀ 

By leveraging their expertise, construction consultants can help streamline processes, identify cost-saving opportunities, and minimize project delays.Ā 

Objective PerspectiveĀ 

Consultants offer an unbiased and objective viewpoint, providing an independent assessment of your project's progress, performance, and potential areas for improvement.Ā 

Enhanced Results

With our expertise, construction consultants can help elevate the quality of your project, ensuring adherence to industry standards and best practices.

How We Help Clients

Discover how Boyd Bone Dry helps clients succeed with tailored solutions, expert guidance, and responsive support

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Tailored Solutions

We customize every solution to align with your unique goals and requirements, collaborating closely to ensure optimal outcomes for your projects.

Expert Guidance

With deep industry knowledge and experience, we help you make informed decisions, navigate complexities, and achieve your project goals.

Responsive Support

We prioritize your needs and provide responsive support at every stage of the project, ensuring clear communication and timely assistance throughout.

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